Pharma/Medtech & Biotech Results - A Few Examples

IMI’s advisory and “hands-on” strategic support have resulted in the following for its Clients:
Marketing Strategies/Implementation
  • Conducted numerous “repositionings” of technologies resulting in value-creation for deal-making and investments (8-10 in cancer, epilepsy, drug delivery, etc., technologies).
  • Assisted a European conglomerate in building a 2.0Billion USD CNS business via “market creation”.
  • Strategy development/strategic plan for: a GI company; a transdermal technology; diabetes technology, MedTech & Diagnostics, etc.
  • Country Market Assessment(s) for the hemophilic FACTOR market including analyses of KOL, market size and entry expenses.
IMI’s transaction-oriented advising has resulted in the following for its Clients:
Business Development & Licensing, M&A, Capital Raising
  • Closed a 31-Country APAC transaction in immuno-oncology with creation of a Swiss JV and a 25% Equity Stake of our Client
  • Sold a GI company for 138Mio. CHF
  • Completed or influenced over 60 transactions for Clients in Biotech, Pharma and Diagnostics having negotiated ca. 100 transactions (Core BD Team only)
  • Concluded reputable biotech R&D collaborations, assuring the Client’s closure of successful financing rounds
  • Completed a 7-country European alliance having a NPV value of 1.1Billion USD
  • Raised capital for creation of U.S.A. Biotech and German Fund(s), helped set-up Fund(s)